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Why I donated my milk by Anne Brookhyser

Anne with daughter Elsa In honor of World Breastfeeding Month, I’d like to share a bit from one of the aspects of my own experience. As a busy mom, I missed volunteering and being involved in my community as much as I had before children. I am one of the “lucky” women with oversupply rather than low milk supply issues. My body thinks I gave birth to twins and it takes it a while to realize that it only needs to make enough milk for one baby. Oversupply can make women more prone to plugged ducts and mastitis (breast infection) and leads to fussier babies as they try to deal with the strong milk letdown reflex. Knowing my body’s tendency to make too much milk, I decided with my last baby that I wanted to be proactive and try to down regulate my supply. I wanted to decrease the engorgement and discomfort. As I worked to decrease my supply I ended up with extra breast milk in my freezer. I used a manual pump and pumped on one side every morning while my daughter nursed on the othe