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Sara's Story

Why I became a Nurse-midwife? Sara with her nieces & nephews I have always been fascinated with women’s health and childbirth. I remember even in high school, watching many birth stories. At that time, I had no interest in even becoming a nurse. As the years past, and being witness to my nieces (Sofia-11, Maria-10, Lisa -5) and Nephews (Michael-3, Paul-1) births, my passion grew. I worked my way through nursing school, and did several types of nursing from long term care facility to a busy emergency room and finally labor and delivery. I had just started midwifery school when my first nephew was born, and finished the week before my second nephew was born. Being present at my youngest nephew Paul’s birth was a lot different than the others. I had experience and knowledge that made me feel that I could watch over my sister-in-law better. We were able to respect her wishes while assisting in the safe arrival of her son. I would have liked to catch Mr. Paul, but his momma