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Julia's Story

Generations Caring for Women Ever since I can remember I wanted to become a nurse.  photo by Lynn Zehr I am sure a major factor in that decision was the influence of my mother. She went back tow ork as a maternity nurse when I was 16 and worked part-time nights in a small community hospital that later became a birth center. She enjoyed being with women in labor and birth and respected the natural process of labor.   I could tell this work was important and brought my mother much satisfaction and meaning. (I have also recent discovered my great grandmother was also an attendant/midwife at most of the births in her community in Pennsylvania).  As a result when I went to college I majored in nursing and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The first year after graduation I worked at Goshen Hospital on a variety of units thinking I would probably choose a medical/surgical unit. Maternity nursing was my mother’s passion and I thought I would want to work